Hazard Research and Content Creator

Hazard Researcher and Content Writer

Ready to change the world?

At HazAdapt, we aim to revolutionize emergency communication and preparedness from the bottom up. We are passionate about building ethical tools that prepare, engage, and support our communities in times of crisis. We are looking for a Hazard Researcher and Content Writer to join our growing team and help bring our vision to life.

About HazAdapt

“HazAdapt”, our namesake platform, is a new kind of hazard information engagement platform designed to boost adaptive capacity. In these early stages of development, that looks like a free app and website offering customizable emergency instructions in a hazard guide and connections to relevant emergency response options. Eventually, our suite of apps will facilitate mass engagement between our diverse public and the various emergency response and public safety agencies that serve our communities.

The Company

We are a group of OSU students turned tech startup driven by the need to provide safe and inclusive access to human system services that connect our many diverse communities to emergency and public safety agencies. We thrive by drawing upon the knowledge, background, and perspectives of our diverse and widely specialized team to build a truly inclusive, community-centric engagement platform.

Our team is researching and developing the world’s first humanity-friendly technology for emergency communication and public wellness. Our products are used by both emergency managers and the public to facilitate hazard adaptation and foster a level of resilience and inclusivity that has not been seen in the industry before. Our team is small and cross-functional, with a focus on honesty and growth.

It’s an exciting time for us: We just launched our first app, HazAdapt, and will be releasing revenue generating features in just a few months. We’re building our online following and are in conversations with investors.  

Job Description and Responsibilities

The Hazard Researcher and Content Writer will be developing hazard related content for incorporation into the HazAdapt App Hazard Guide (see HazAdapt App on your Google Play Store or App Store). The right candidate must embrace inclusivity, thrive in owning all aspects of content development, and be passionate about educating and connecting audiences through clear, purposeful, and well researched written materials. We are looking for writers from an array of disciplines who can compile, synthesize, distill and communicate reputable and accurate hazard-related information. The candidate must be willing to engage in regular team review-of-content discussions and provide necessary editing. The candidate must be detail-oriented, self-motivated, collaborative, and inspired to create written content that ‘does-no-harm’ and is inclusive of all people.

The Hazard Researcher and Content Writer will be responsible for:

  • Researching and compiling reputable hazard content;
  • Synthesizing compiled content to extract the most critical information;
  • Entering hazard content into the HazAdapt hazard database;
  • Developing hazard-specific write-ups for the HazAdapt App in clear and accessible language that is both thorough and accurate;
  • Participating in regular team accountability meetings to discuss content developed, review written material, assess possible impacts and potential to do harm, and revise

Job Location

Remote position following COVID-19 safety precautions.

Required Qualifications

  • Ability to synthesize information from expert sources
  • Ability to follow an organized workflow for content creation
  • Experience with written communication for broad and specialized audiences
  • Knowledge of editing software (e.g. Microsoft Products, Google, etc.)
  • Access to computer or similar technology not provided by HazAdapt
  • Willingness to work both collaboratively and independently

Preferred Qualifications

2+ years of experience or significant background in one or more of the following areas:

  • Public Health, Global Health, Social Work, Family Health
  • Emergency response and related emergency management services
  • Mental Health and Human Behavior
  • Human Geography, Natural & Environmental Science, Geoscience
  • Search & Rescue, National and Coast Guard, Wildfire Crew
  • Emergency Veterinary and Animal Response 
  • Disabilities and Applied Adaptation* (seeking multiple perspectives)

Flexible Position Options

This position is open to internships, part-time, and full-time opportunities. Internship positions are flexible to university program requirements and can be discussed.


  • Priority status for future full-time employment opportunities.
  • Opportunity for leadership and direct impact.
  • Join a small, but on-fire team out to make a difference in their communities.

How to Apply

Email team@hazadapt.com with your:

  • Resume
  • Cover letter
  • A link to your website or any work you think is relevant

In your cover letter, tell us why you want to be a part of HazAdapt, and feel free to share anything that you feel makes you a special fit for our mission.

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