About Us

HazAdapt is a motivated graduate student group-turned-startup building the next evolution of emergency and public safety engagement technology.

Our Story

HazAdapt Founder and CEO Ginny working on a whiteboard with teammates.

For over a decade, our Founder and CEO, Ginny, has worked on and researched the frontlines of the world’s most challenging public health and global health problems. Her focus is on the dynamic relationship and communication channels between citizens and local emergency and public safety response.

The idea for HazAdapt came while engaging community members about earthquake preparedness as emergency management. Seeing so much unmet need, she realized the underlying problem: today’s emergency communication technology was not designed for community engagement or diverse communities. This meant that many people in the community, especially the most vulnerable, did not have access to the emergency information or resources they would need.

A woman on a mission for solutions, Ginny began her PhD at Oregon State University to research and develop technology that facilitated the needed engagement in our emergency and public safety sectors.

Ginny met HazAdapt’s co-founders in a human-computer interaction course taught by inclusive technology pioneer Dr. Margaret Burnett. She was given the opportunity to present the idea of HazAdapt to her class as a term project, and her mission resonated with two classmates, Uday and Omeed, Masters students in Computer Science who joined Ginny in founding HazAdapt in July 2019.

HazAdapt's founding team. From left to right: COO Omeed, CEO Ginny, and CTO Uday.
HazAdapt team members working with Mike Bamberger, Oregon State University's Emergency Preparedness Manager.

Since the very beginning, we've connected and worked closely with local communities, emergency managers, and public safety authorities to design the most efficient emergency communication solutions with real and proven potential to bolster engagement, boost adaptive capacity, and provide more confidence for everyone involved before, during, and after an emergency.

Our Mission

HazAdapt strives to empower humanity with the tools they need to adapt to life's hazards.

Our Vision

HazAdapt aims to build the world's most trusted and human-friendly technology for emergency communication and public wellness.

Our Core Values

Boost Adaptive Capacity
Design Inclusively
Innovate for the Community

The Team

Meet our team of leaders, dreamers, innovators, critical thinkers, and creators.
Ginny Katz
Ginny Katz

Founder | CEO | Research PI

Omeed Habibelahian
Omeed Habibelahian

Co-Founder | COO | Acting CTO

Manideepa Saginatham
Manideepa Saginatham

Software Developer | Researcher

William Putnam
William Putnam

Emergency Field Expert

Joshua Barringer
Joshua Barringer

Software Engineer