A man with a shopping cart using a monocular to look for disaster and safety supplies.

Intentional Supply Connection

Shopping to get disaster ready can be overwhelming. Promoted Products simplifies the search by conveniently listing relevant emergency items and recovery support supplies in each hazard resilience guide.

A variety of emergency items, including a battery, a toolkit, a flashlight, and a go-bag, surrounding a yellow box with a black plus and white tape on it.
A woman holding a phone, giving a thumbs-up signal while leaning on a large phone showing Promoted Products, and a boy adding emergency items to a backpack.

Right place, right time.

Connect your products to people currently focused on preparation and recovery in a trusted space. Rest assured, we maintain the integrity of our emergency content and information by keeping product placement separate.

One price. Big impact.

Promote your products nationwide for just $399/month per product placement.

We understand the importance of every sale for small businesses, so we guide customers directly to your page. You keep 100% of the proceeds from each sale.

Two people facilitating a transaction. One person has the product on their phone, and the other person is handing them a yellow box.
A woman with a notepad in her hand surrounded by and pointing at various graphs and charts for Promoted Products analytics.

Insights for Success

As a Promoted Product retailer, you gain exclusive access to a real-time analytics dashboard where you can monitor the performance and analytics of your listings at your convenience. Metrics include clicks, user engagement, and visits to your product site.



Per month, per Product Placement
National Coverage*
* Promoted Products are available in the United States and its territories on the HazAdapt mobile app and worldwide on the web.

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