Add Local Information to HazAdapt

A cityscape and an airport, with HazAdapt local information pins scattered throughout the city.

Increase Safety and Preparedness Engagement

HazAdapt's location-based information hosting service allows emergency management and resilience agencies to add regional safety information and contacts to HazAdapt with a yearly subscription. As residents and visitors enter a selected area, your area's resources will be boosted to them on HazAdapt in seven different languages.

Entities eligible to add local content to HazAdapt include:

An emergency siren inside a white settings gear.
Emergency Management Entities
A school building.
K-12 Schools
A graduation cap and tassel.
Higher Education Campuses
An airplane, a train, a boat, and a cargo truck.
Airports and Transportation Entities
A cityscape with trees, shrubs, and skyscrapers.
Public and Private Critical Infrastructure Organizations
A medicine cross symbol inside a white circle.
Hospitals and Health Campuses
Hands holding a floating heart with three people in the heart.
Non-Profit Organizations and Community Groups
Praying hands.
Religious Groups
A stadium.
Large Gathering Places
A rounded near-full heart inside a white badge.
Resilience, Medical, and Safety Information Entities

The cost of adding content to HazAdapt is determined by the amount and type of content added, the area covered, and the population size. All local content is validated by our hazard safety experts before it goes live.

A stack of HazAdapt promotional posters, a yellow chat bubble with a megaphone and various social media logos, and a stack of HazAdapt promotional stickers.

We provide assistance with implementation and outreach to the community. Providers receive engagement analytics on their local information.

Let’s work together to connect people to your organization’s local resilience resources!

Want to learn more about sharing local information on HazAdapt? Let us know!

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