A community village with a mother and daughter, people handling and moving boxes, and a restaurant owner putting up signs supporting the community.
Our Community Sponsor program is a new way for entities to tap into social solidarity marketing in a meaningful and approachable way.

Share your support and commitment to community resilience with humane advertising in any of the 25+ hazards in our Hazard Guide.

Your community looks to you.

With disasters on the rise, customers have higher expectations for your company or organization to take action to adjust. This increases the value of company efforts to be part of solutions that bring us together and make us safer.

People appreciate seeing local businesses be part of emergency response, offering their services to survivors, and showing solidarity in healing.
A woman wearing a mask carrying sanitizing and first aid equipment, a fireman, and a woman carrying a toolkit.
A restaurant owner putting up a heart sign. The restaurant has a banner advertising free meals for those affected by the disaster and first responders.

Why Community Sponsors?

We each have an important role supporting the safety and wellbeing of our communities. Local groups, non-profits, and businesses should not wait until after the disaster happens to start being an active part of their community resilience.

As a Community Sponsor, you help get HazAdapt to your community and take action that shows care. This is an investment in customer relationships and business continuity.
An example community sponsor listing with pointers to where your entity's information is placed.The template for a community sponsor listing in the Hazard Guide.

Sponsor Perks

As a Community Sponsor, you can showcase your logo, name, solidarity statement, and a link your website or other resources on HazAdapt in the Hazard Guide.

See It in Action in our Wildfire Resilience Guide

We also provide Community Sponsors with an expansive media kit you can use to showcase your community solidarity with your customers or constituents, as well as engagement analytics.


Discounts and scholarships are available for emergency response entities and qualified community groups.

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  • Get your message directly in front of community members in a prime spot in our Hazard Guide
  • Flexibility to customize your message by hazard
  • Ability to control where your messages are seen
  • Include more links to additional resources and contacts for community members

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* Community Sponsors are available in the United States and its territories on the HazAdapt mobile app and worldwide on the web.

** LIMITED-TIME LAUNCH DEAL: One additional hazard of your choice included for free for 1 year. Standard pricing applies after the first year.
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