New on HazAdapt: Prep Checks self-evaluation tool, with a person running, a first-aid kit, a telephone on an active call, and a white checkmark in a green circle. Check your hazard preparedness. Strengthen your ability to cope.


Check your hazard preparedness.
Strengthen your ability to cope.

The Prep Checks shield. Three bars increasing in height, with white checked checkboxes over the first two bars and a gold star over the third bar.
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Are you prepared for this hazard?

Prep Checks is a groundbreaking self-assessment tool to help you check your disaster and emergency preparedness for 25+ natural and man-made hazards. Get a personal preparedness score in minutes and learn what you can do to prepare and strengthen your resilience.

Illustration of people preparing with prep checks.
A running person, a first-aid kit, and a telephone on an active call, each with checkmarks.

Track and strengthen your coping capacity.

Prep Checks measures three vital aspects of your coping capacity for each hazard: knowledge, assets, and networks. Prep Checks helps you learn prep, response, and recovery actions, gather emergency items, and build your crisis support.

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Helpful insights on where to improve.

Prep Checks gives you a detailed breakdown of where your strengths are in preparing for a given hazard and where you may be missing key items or support resources, so you can know how to boost your resilience for life's different emergencies.

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