About Prep Checks

What are Prep Checks?

HazAdapt’s Prep Checks are self-assessment questions that can help individuals and communities measure important aspects of their coping capacity: 

  • Information and knowledge of resilience actions: “Do you know what to do in the event of this hazard?”
  • Resilience resources: “What do you have that could help you with this hazard?”
  • Trusted help network and infrastructure: “Who do you feel comfortable calling for help in the event of this hazard?”

We ask you these questions per hazard because different disasters require different actions, resources, or help response.

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What is coping capacity?

Coping capacity is the means by which people or organizations use available resources, skills, networks and opportunities to face hazards that could lead to a disaster (Parsons, et al. 2016).

Coping capacity is different for every person and situation, so there is not one perfect answer, but instead a range of answers that indicate resilience levels, or scores.

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How does the Prep Check score work?

Prep Check scores are an indication of how prepared you are but are not a fully encompassing measurement of your personal disaster preparedness or ability to respond.

There’s more than one way to be resilient, and Prep Check questions are flexible to that reality. As HazAdapt grows, there will be more variables added into the coping capacity equation.

If you would like to request an action, item, or help network connection be added to a Prep Check, please send us a feature request.

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A set of Prep Check results.

What does my Preparedness Level mean?

The Preparedness Level is your score result for the individual Prep Check. You can earn 3 different Preparedness Levels: Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced. Each of these are represented with a unique badge.

What does my Preparedness Phase represent?

Preparedness is a journey and takes time. Preparedness Phases represent how far you’ve come. Your Preparedness Phase is the reflection of the total number of Prep Checks you’ve completed.

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