HazAdapt and Local Resilience Authorities Team Up to Keep You Safe

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May 9, 2023

New HazAdapt Feature Boosts Local Safety Information and Resources directly to you.

In emergency situations, local safety information and resources are critical for staying safe and minimizing risk. However, finding this information can be challenging, especially when in an unfamiliar area. That’s why HazAdapt has launched a new feature in the HazAdapt Hazard Guide to help you easily access local safety information and resources right from the app or web tool.

Hazards vary by location, and emergency response differs based on the area. In most emergency situations, local emergency response teams are the first on the scene. This makes local safety information and resources incredibly valuable. Yet, finding these resources can be time-consuming and difficult to locate on safety authority websites or government pages.

HazAdapt has begun partnering with local safety and community resilience authorities to provide you with local safety information, crisis contacts, and community resources. The best part? This information is available in seven different languages, so no matter where you are in the US, connecting with local instructions and information is easy.

With HazAdapt, you can customize your safety information to fit your specific needs based on who you are and where you are. This means you can have the Hazard Guide ready to go in case of emergency and have quick access to local safety information and resources. And if you lose internet connection, no worries, the information is saved from the last time you opened HazAdapt in that area.

So, download HazAdapt today and stay prepared for whatever emergency may come your way. Get peace of mind knowing that you have the local and national safety information and resources at your fingertips.

If you are a provider of safety information, hazard maps, and other resilience resources, we want to partner with you! Learn more about boosting your materials to your community and connect with our team here.