HazAdapt Chooses Ethics and Artists Over AI-Generated Imagery

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Ginny Katz, MPH

March 20, 2024

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what do we want our images to say of us?

Following our commitment to be Humanity-Friendly, we at HazAdapt, Inc. have made the conscious decision to avoid using AI-generated imagery in our work moving forward. While we have never used AI-generated imagery in our app, HazAdapt, we have previously utilized it in our marketing on occasion.

We now know that the models that generate these images are often trained on art that was neither consensually obtained nor properly credited or compensated. As a result, any benefit gained from this art comes at the cost of harming the artists behind the training data, which goes against our Do No Harm policy and our philosophy of supporting resilience from the bottom up. We believe technologists can innovate ethically and have a responsibility to do so.

Therefore, moving forward, until an ethical option emerges, we are committing to not using AI-generated imagery in our products or marketing, and all imagery will continue to be human-crafted.

In the darkest of times, art plays an important role in human resilience. There will always be a need for human creativity, intelligence, and artistic skill in our world, and there is critical value in fostering an economy that supports artists and their ability to fill these vital creative roles.

As creatives, artists, designers, and builders of technology, we at HazAdapt stand with the humans creating the art.


The HazAdapt Team

Ginny Katz, MPH

Omeed Habibelahian

Aliza Welch 

Gray McGee

Krystyna Ewing

Adnan Husain

Geo Sauer

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