HazAdapt Founder and CEO Ginny Katz Named to the 2024 Product 50 List

CORVALLIS, OR - March 19, 2024 - HazAdapt announced today that Founder, CEO, and Research PI Ginny Katz has been named to the 2024 Product 50 list of the top global product and growth leaders, as a runner-up in the Best Social Good Product Leader category.

For over a decade, Katz has worked on and researched the frontlines of the world's most challenging public and global health problems, realizing the need for emergency communication technology that can not only better facilitate community engagement around disasters but also meet the unique needs of our diverse and vibrant communities and better serve the most vulnerable community members.

This vision and insight have informed HazAdapt's mission to build ethically, inclusively, humanely, and from the bottom up for the people, all from the beginning. This includes everything from how HazAdapt has cultivated a team of experts to the safeguards and extensive testing its products go through to ensure harms are being eliminated as much as possible.

"As technologists, we are wizards and servants to the people," Katz says. "Never forget that you have an ethical responsibility to ask 'How do we not cause harm with our technology?' before you ask 'How do we do good with our technology?'. We are in an era where "move fast and break things" is no longer acceptable when human lives are being broken."

Product 50 recognizes the leaders who are developing boundary-breaking products and services. The panel of judges consisted of Francois Ajenstat, Chief Product Officer, Amplitude; Sara Rossio, Chief Product Officer, G2; and Tom Willerer, COO, Reforge. Judges selected the winners and runners-up based on the criteria of innovation, business impact, diversity, and influence.

From more than 600 submissions, only 50 product and growth leaders can be named to the 2024 Product 50. That being said, Katz knows any social good endeavor is a team effort. "Building the next generation of ethical disaster resilience technology is only possible through the brilliant and wildly-motivated technologists at HazAdapt," she says. "It is an honor to lead this team and represent HazAdapt. Our gratitude to the judges for this recognition."

“Digital products are no longer things we deliver; they are the key to unlocking business growth. This means product and growth teams sit at the core of business transformation today,” says Francois Ajenstat, chief product officer at Amplitude. “The quality of these nominations makes it clear that the future of product innovation is already here. I’m confident the incredible product and growth leaders on this year’s list will become the business leaders of tomorrow.”

Product 50 categories included Most Admired Product Leader, Best Product Leader (Large, Midsize, and Small Company), Most Promising Product Up-and-Comer, Best Growth Product Leader, Best Digital Transformation Product Leader, Best Product Design Leader, Best Product Industry Influencer, and Best Social Good Product Leader. Ginny joins the Product 50 alongside leaders from Delta Airlines, Figma, Google, IBM, Salesforce, and others.

The full Product 50 list can be found online at https://amplitude.com/product50.