30+ hazard guides.
Local and national crisis support.
All in one place.

A woman pointing at the HazAdapt app and a man with a prosthetic leg using the app on his phone.
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Search, save, and share instructions for life's different hazards.

From smaller emergencies to big disasters, HazAdapt's Hazard Guide helps answer the critical questions:
"What can I do right now in this emergency?"
"How can I recover from this?"
"How can I prepare for next time?"

Convenient and customizable with local safety information.

Quickly find and tailor emergency information for the situation at hand and bookmark important instructions for easy access when you need them most. And now, access local safety information and resources tailored to your current location.1

HazAdapt supports customizations for both diverse communities and your unique household needs. Information on HazAdapt is also available in multiple languages.

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Location clarity in an emergency.

HazAdapt's Emergency Call Helper confirms your current location when you call 911, so you can confidently tell dispatchers exactly where to send help.

Find the crisis support that’s right for you.

Not every situation needs 911. Use Crisis Support Options to quickly find help and response resources that can assist with a crisis or non-life-threatening situation.

The Emergency Help page on the HazAdapt web app, the Emergency Call Helper in the HazAdapt mobile app, and the HazAdapt help lifering.
A Wi-Fi signal with a cross through it, indicating no signal.
mobile exclusive

No Internet? No problem.

HazAdapt automatically downloads instructions onto your device, so you never have to worry about an Internet connection to access critical emergency information.2

  • HazAdapt works with local safety and emergency agencies to provide local information in your area. The availability of local information on HazAdapt depends on local agencies' decision to provide HazAdapt with this information. If no local information is available on HazAdapt in your area, you can request it here.
  • If the first time you open the HazAdapt mobile app is in an offline situation, some emergency information may not be available. Information is downloaded to your device when you have the app open and your device is connected to the Internet.

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