Jan 2024 Winter Storms Case Study: HazAdapt Supports 10x Protective Actions

April 4, 2024

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In an unprecedented demonstration of efficiency and effectiveness, the addition of a single HazAdapt link into emergency alerts led to a remarkable tenfold increase in community protective actions during the January 2024 winter storms.

This case study of HazAdapt activity during the 4-day incident provides a tangible testament to the efficacy of HazAdapt’s Local Safety Information Program, spotlighting the practical and impactful use of technology in bolstering disaster resilience. Oregon State University Emergency Management’s inclusion of a HazAdapt link in their alerts led to an unprecedented level of public engagement. Within hours of receiving an alert, individuals not only sought out cold weather and power outage information but also engaged with a broader spectrum of hazard preparation activities, demonstrating up to ten times more protective actions—actions aligned with FEMA’s Protective Actions Research.

Emergency and disaster officials seeking to enhance their community's resilience will discover in this report a groundbreaking approach that marries simplicity with innovation. By merely incorporating a HazAdapt link into their emergency alerts and situation update messages, they facilitated access to a wealth of tailored, actionable, and easily digestible preparedness, response, and recovery resources.

Key Highlights:

  • Effortless Integration: Learn about the seamless process of enhancing emergency alerts with HazAdapt links, a strategy requiring minimal effort for significant gain.
  • Customized Engagement: Understand how HazAdapt's customizable and multilingual support meets diverse community needs. 
  • Measurable Impact: Explore the data-driven insights that quantify the spike in protective actions among community members, illustrating the direct benefits of linking to HazAdapt's comprehensive guide.

This case study is a must-read for emergency management professionals looking to leverage technology for community safety effectively. It not only demonstrates the achievable, substantial impact of integrating HazAdapt into emergency alerts but also sets a new standard for community engagement in preparedness.

Read the White Paper